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Impersonal emails to casting agents are a thing of the past! Join an exclusive community dedicated to celebrating what makes you unique.

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P3rson is invested in your success as a model. We have cut out the middlemen to allow you to take control of your career. Update your profile whenever you want and apply for the jobs that match your passions. Our casting agents want to see candid makeup-free shots over expensive professional images.

Cutting-Edge Analytics

Gain real-time insights into your performance so you can improve your profile. See what works, what doesn’t, and switch it up in seconds. No need to wait for approval.

Connect With Other Models

Build a network of trend-setters and ground-breakers cheering each other on. Models can connect with other models to share knowledge and support their peers.

Cash-In on Your Influence

Display your TikTok and Insta followings with pride. Your influence and personality are key factors that brands want to see, so we put them front and center.

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Book your dream project in 3 simple steps.

Snap 3 photos and upload them to the app. P3rson will automatically populate your measurements, social media metrics, and a link to your profile.
Send your P3 to the casting agent for review. They will be able to shortlist, add notes, and share your P3 with brand reps for their input. All activity will be logged so you can learn from every casting.
Connect with the casting agent by sending a thank you message. Agents often keep P3 on file for future work, so leave a good impression.

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There are no free work requests or scammers allowed. P3rson hosts only the elite of the modeling industry. All enquiries and casting calls will be game-changing opportunities. Our AI technology gathers insights from the reps from the top agencies and fashion brands who review your P3 package. Where else can you get feedback from industry leaders? P3rson strives to maintain a secure and trustworthy environment. All agents and brands accounts are verified for your safety. Any reported misconduct will be taken seriously and swiftly dealt with.

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