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P3rson was created for one simple reason: to empower models to find jobs as big as their passions. It offers a platform where unsigned social media models, rising stars, and established models can flaunt what makes them special during the casting process. This P3rson-first approach to casting models allows brands to cast models who are aligned brand ambassadors and whose social media following extends the brand’s reach. Win-win.

Network with agents and casting professionals, build your personal brand, or hone your craft – with P3rson, your modeling career is in your hands.

the people behind p3rson

The co-founders of P3rson, Dino Fulgencio, James Veluya, and Hamilton Daza, saw an opportunity to use technology to facilitate communication between models, agents, and brands. Their goal was simple: create a platform that would give models more control over their personal brand, help agents find high-quality talent quicker, and provide brands with access to authentic casting digitals and information about a model’s social reach.

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